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Newsletter No. 15. 16 September 2015

Growing in Christ, challenging mind, body and spirit
Tena Koutou Parents and Friends

God is like the wind, you can’t see it but you know it is there, You can’t see God but you know He is there.
By Maia and Katie

You will notice a slight change to the newsletter this week.  If you are receiving it via an email link there will be little difference from previously.  If you are receiving it as a paper copy, it will look different.

The staff have been working flat out on our production, "Nursery Crimewatch."  They have
created some stunning nursery rhyme icons for the scenery.  All classes have prepared their own dance and the whole school has worked on some catchy songs to accompany the script.  The actors have certainly challenged themselves and managed to memorise a long script.  We look forward to sharing the production with you next Tuesday either at the 11am matinee or at 6.15pm in the Victor Wilson Hall.

Four and twenty blackbirds returning from rehearsals
There has been some amazing writing happening throughout the school and the teachers have incorporated their learning about explicitly teaching writing from our teacher only day earlier this term.  Some examples of Room 3's writing can be seen our our RE blog and Room 4 have written some nursery rhyme stories with a difference some of which will be shared soon.

The parent page on our RE blog has some short animations which may be good conversation starters for talking with children about God.

Our New Church
The new church committee have employed Desmond Prisk as the architect and the preliminary drawings are now ready to share with the community.  According to the Bishop's pastoral letter of a couple of weeks ago it seems there is a commitment to a new Catholic church being built in Pleasant Point in the forseeable future.   A LOT goes into designing a church and Desmond will be showing and explaining the drawings after this Saturday evening's 6pm mass.  

We do want to keep in touch with you in whatever way suits you.  At the moment some parents are choosing to text absences and other matters to Claire's personal cellphone.  We are now using a school cellphone and request that you no longer use Claire's cellphone number.  Absences can be texted to the school number and it will be checked when we are doing the morning rolls.  It won't be checked at other times  Please send any other notices by email to the office or to the school landline.  The school cellphone for absences only is:  0204 081 3545.

Ma te Atua e manaaki, God Bless
Lorraine Frances-Rees, Principal


We will be offering Subway once a fortnight on a Friday starting in week 1 in term 4.  The cost is $5 for a 6 inch sub and $9 for a 12 inch.  The sub comes with a choice of cold meat and salad plus a cookie and apple.  Thank you to Helen Howes who has organised this for us and who will be collating the orders and picking them up from Timaru for us once a fortnight.  We are most grateful to her for generously offering her time.


Baby Thanks
Thank you so very much for all the wonderful meals and baking that we received when Flynn was born.  We really appreciated everyone’s kindness.  
Cheers from the Boult family  

Confirmation Programme
The Confirmation Programme for the Opihi Parish this week will be held in Pleasant Point on Sunday from 5-7pm.

Cattle Scheme
Our school currently runs a cattle raising scheme to raise funds.  As part of this scheme, school families can assist us by grazing cattle on their property.  We are currently looking for some additional families who may be able to help.  If you are able to help, or interested in knowing more, please contact
Joe Higgins 614 7242.

Basketball Yr 5/6 Boys and Girls.
Pixabay.com (labeled for reuse)
We have been having some great lunch time practices, the children have been very engaged and enthusiastic. Thankyou to Timaru Christian School for the visit last Monday was good for children to meet and get to know each other. The Team names are TCS Point Stormers (boys) and TCS Point Thunderbirds (girls). We will have two more training sessions on Thursday and Monday lunch then training will be Monday after school (at school) till 4.30 first week back of Term 4. Occasionally we will combine practice at Timaru Christian School. That is still to be arranged. See You On The Court and Good Luck to both teams for the season.

BREAKING NEWS: the boys won their first basketball game against Geraldine, 13-12.

PTA clipart for reuse from Pinterest

Thanks to all the joined us for our last meeting.

Get to the Point:- We have the possible opportunity for Whitebait Fritters, Our usual Raffle (donated by Parents), possible Salad Bar has been suggested and hopefully still our Bike Raffle. Any other suggestions let me know. This event will be priority beginning of Term 4 and parents will be allotted time slots to help out from 8am to approximately 3pm on Saturday 7th November. Ideas Still Welcome.

Community Family Fun Christmas Night Market
Friday 4 December  5pm to 8pm
Still Looking for a Parent Leader for Paddock Games from Room 3 or 4.  Those wishing to help on assigned stalls please let the Parent Leader know how you can assist.
Sausaage sizzle
Helen Andrews 036148394 and Room 2
Sausages and Pork Sliders
Cake Stall
Cara McCall 036148849 and Room 1
Baking from whole school will be provided with a plate to return. Cakes/Deserts/Popcorn/Candy Floss
Salad Bar
Sonia Andrews and Susan Tregenza
Paddock games – e.g. welly throw
Mixture of Room 3 & 4 students led by a parent
Students to investigate and set up games in advance.
Drinks stand
Karina Tarrant and Jayne Hay
Stall holders
So Far: - Books and Gifts Direct, Katrina Black Scentsy, Hair Princess
Religious Procession/Nativity pageant
Students from Room 3 & 4 – prepared by teachers / Lorraine
Xmas Raffle
1st Hamper 2nd Hamper 3rd Christmas Cake
Sonya McNamee and Cara McCall (This will be put on a stall)
Lisa (PTA treasurer)
Set Up and Pack Up
PTA – Set up (approx. 4) and Pack Up as many as possible
Dads Please.
A donkey for Mary and Pony Rides
Janis Sugrue 036860716
Face Painting
Colour Me Beautiful Stall
Santa and Lolly Scramble
Lions Club

Remember to check out updates on St Joseph's PTA Facebook group if you are on Facebook 
Thanks Sarah Mccambridge

The Timaru Technology Education Centre has a new website http://ttec.school.nz/
Every time a class of Y7-8 goes to TTEC the teacher updates an article with an explanation of what they are doing and includes some pictures.
This means the parents and teachers of Year 7-8 students can be right up to date with what is happening at TTEC for the kids and can give feedback.
TTEC now also have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TimaruTechnologyEducationCenter

Pleasant Point Primary Cricket Registration
Do you want to play cricket? Come and register for A, B and C grades.
C grade will have two competitions - Friday night or Saturday morning;
you choose.  PPPS amp theatre 3.00pm Wednesday 23September.
Contact: Brent Isbister 614 8860, Brendan Cairns 614 7799 or Hamish Munro 614 7989.

Make Games and Learn to Code
Can you create an online game? Here’s your chance to make the next Flappy Bird by learning game strategy, coding and heaps more at these FREE workshops run by Gamefroot! To find out more and register see www.publiclibraries.org.nz
Join us at the community show-off event on Thursday 8 October, 6.30 - 7.30pm, RSVP at www.publiclibraries.org
Ages 10-14 Tuesday 6 October 9.30am-3.30pm Timaru Library
Ages 10-14 Wednesday 7 October 9.30am-3.30pm Timaru Library
Ages15-18 Thursday 8 October 9.30am-3.30pm Timaru Library

Highfield Tennis Club Open Day
Highfield are having their open day from 1pm on Saturday 19th September at Springs Road.  New and current members welcome.  Sausage sizzle, tennis and fun to be had for all.  If you have any questions contact Robyn 0274518981.

At St Joseph's School we take every precaution to respect copyright and all images used in our newsletter are original, or labeled for reuse

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