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Newsletter No. 17 29 October 2015

Growing in Christ, challenging mind, body and spirit
Tena Koutou Parents and Friends

Our New Logo

After our art competition and the inspiration of the selected pieces, the Board has worked with ideas for our new logo and decided on this:

The white cross represents our faith as the heart of our school.
The white cross is tall and it also reminds us of St Mary's Church which has been the focal point on the Pleasant Point landscape for many years.  The church is the main feature in our present logo.  The tall white cross will be a way of remembering this history.
The five crosses are the Southern Cross reminding us of our founder Mary MacKillop - St Mary of the Southern Cross.
We realised the five crosses also looked like the five wounds of Christ - the nails that pierced His hands and feet and the spear that pierced His side.  Maybe this can be a reminder of the challenge to grow which is part of our vision.
The traditional school colours remain - blue and maroon.

Perhaps this does not look exactly like the designs we picked for inspiration but they have been an integral part in the journey towards this final design.

Special Character

The children are learning about the Community of Saints.  Our key ideas for this learning are:
1Mary is Jesus’ mother, the first disciple and model to all Christians
2. Communion of Saints is all the souls in heaven, purgatory and God's family - the church on earth.
3. Our choices affect the type of person we become and what happens to us after we die

We are particularly focusing on Mary as it is the month of the Rosary.  Mary has a special place in the Communion of Saints.  Mary answered God's call to become the mother of Jesus.  She raised and nurtured Jesus.  The first miracle described in John's Gospel is the Wedding Feast at Cana where Mary asked Jesus to help the hosts by turning water into wine.  Jesus at first refused but after a second request from his mother he did it.  That is one of the reasons we pray asking Mary to pray to Jesus for us, for our intentions: "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death."

Room 3 & 4 Passion Projects

Information literacy is the ability to pose meaningful questions, find relevant information effectively, process information and use it to learn something new or solve a problem.  This skill needs to be broken down and specifically taught over a long period of time.

There is an old saying, "Give a person a fish and you feed him for one day, but teach a someone to fish and you feed them for life." labelled for reuse
In our world we are bombarded by information.  Information can be delivered from a teacher, from a book, another person, the Internet or from life experience but unless information is processed effectively it is like giving a fish - it is good but it doesn't change anything.

Someone with effective information literacy skills can find out something they never knew before and use it with purpose in a new context.  This is like knowing how to fish.

So children need to learn to "fish" for information effectively and become masters of their own learning.  A "passion project" is a literacy project based on an existing interest.  It is good to do one from time to time in order to remove the focus from the content of learning and focus on the process.

Rooms 3 & 4 are enjoying following their own interests and learning more about the information literacy process through their passion projects.

Ma te Atua e manaaki, God Bless
Lorraine Frances-Rees, Principal

We welcome Will Murphy, who joins us in Room 2.  Will's family are certainly fully involved in the St. Joseph's community, with mum Jane teaching in room 2; dad Paul on our Board of Trustees; and sisters Rian, Cameron and Emerson all students here too.

Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for excellence and achievement for the weeks ended 16 & 23 October 2015.

Star of the Week                                    
Room 1 Christian McCambridge, Lauren Bolton               Room 2 Lucy Walsh, Grace McCambridge, Anton van den Bergh                    
Room 3 John Pombo, Maia Mahuika, Bailey Begg                 Room 4 Anna Higgins                                   

MacKillop Values                                                   
Room 1 Malia Fatai       
Room 2 Reon Priddle, Dawson McCall
Room 3 Caleb Kelly, Emerson Murphy, Baxter Mason
Room 4 Quinn Tarrant, Laura Kelliher, Rian Murphy

Habits of Mind Room 2 Leah Geary                 
Room 3 Katie Hay, John Pombo, Amy Boult
Room 4 Ruby Esler, Cameron Hay

Winning House

Shining Stars
Congratulations to the following children for their recent success in the Pleasant Point Gymnastics Club examinations:
Gymnasts that achieved level 3
- Damon Morrison
- Fletcher McCall
- Dawson McCall
- Leah Geary

Gymnasts that achieved level 4
- Caelyn Morrison
- Honour Andrews
- Eve Andrews

Subway orders will be available this Friday.  The children will be able to bring a bag home with them today.  Please fill in your choices on the front of the bag, and send the completed order, with the correct change to school on Friday morning.

Scholastic Book Club
Orders for the current offer close this Friday - 30 September 2015.

"Black Out" Friday
This Friday our school is having a "Black Out" mufti day to support the All Blacks in the Rubgy World Cup Final.  A gold coin donation would be
appreciated, and the money will go the the Syrian refugees.  Dress in black, paint nails, paint your face, or come as your favourite All Black.
 - Thanks, House Group Leaders.


The roster for helpers at GET TO THE POINT on Saturday 7 November was published in the last newsletter.  If you are unable to help at the time you were rostered please contact Sarah McCambridge.  

Also could families please remember to bring their donations for the raffle - a grocery item and a gift item please.

Thanks to the Cyclery in Timaru for the donation of this wonderful bike.  Make sure you purchase a ticket in the raffle to win it - either at Get to the Point, or at the school office.  Only $2.50 per ticket for the chance to win your daughter's dream bike!

Mass Helpers
31 October Sarah McCambridge & Julz Donaldson = 
Church Cleaning
7 November Karen Styles = Reader,  
Claire McCarthy & Paula Bradley = Church Cleaning

COURIER DELIVERY Hi, I have a vacancy in Pleasant Point for the delivery of The Courier Newspaper on a weekly basis on a Thursday. The payment is $27 per week for delivery of 275 papers with 2 weeks off at Christmas Time so $1350 PA.                                     Enquiries to Noel Murray 6889668 0274 47 22 89

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