Thursday, 30 June 2016

Newsletter Number 11, 31st June 2016

Growing in Christ, challenging mind, body and spirit
Tena Koutou Parents and Friends

A big congratulations to the children who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday 25 June.  The Kerry Hall was overflowing, the children were very well prepared and parents of last year's children prepared a lovely meal for the children for after mass.

Charlotte, Connor, Breagh-Rose, Ellie, Emerson, Stevie, Emma, Honour, Amy and Ava

Congratulations also to Ruby and Joshie Mahuika who were baptised on Wednesday 30th June.

Learning about Church

At the moment the children are learning about Church.  Church does refer to the building we worship in but the main meaning of church is the community of Christians.  These are the believers who follow God and try their best to do His will.

The key ideas the children are learning in the church strand are:
1. The church is the people united with God.
2. We all have a responsibility in the church.
3. There are formal responsibilities in the church
4. The mission of the church is to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth.

You can help your child by talking with them about their learning at home.  Find out more on our Church for Parents page on our RE blog.

In assembly this week Room 3 taught us something about the early church from the point of view of Sts Peter, Paul and Stephen.  Room 2 taught us something about the things they found in church.  

Jump Jam

A huge thank you to Mrs Scott who gave up every lunch time to work with our Jump Jam team who gave an amazing performance which can be seen on our Facebook page.

Ellie, Amy, Stevie, Annie, Cameron, Ava, Maia, Emerson, Lily-Ana, Amy, Jayden, Caelyn, Lauren
Peer Writing In Rooms 3 and 4

The children in Rooms 3 and 4 have been learning how to analyse their own and other children's writing and use a rubric to decide on their next steps for improvement.  They have been using the Chromebooks and Google docs for this.  We are very lucky that we can offer every child a device so they can learn the drafting and editing skills they will need in real life beyond school.  They are also being very well set up for high school as they are learning to use the tools they will need in this environment and they are learning to self manage their writing achievement.

Here is a writing example from Conor Boult:

How Do Tractors Help Farmers? Explain

Tractors are very useful pieces of machinery because they are able to do many different jobs that the farmer cannot do by hand. They can also help the farmer by having radios to communicate with other farmers. They also have many different parts that let the farmer do many different jobs.

Licensed for reuse:
Tractors can do a wide range of very useful jobs and get them done much more efficiently than the farmer can by hand. Some of the jobs they can do include mowing, ploughing, bailing and rotor raking. When the tractor is mowing, a mower will be hooked on to the back or sometimes there will be a mower on the front as well. Once everything is hooked on and ready the farmer will drive around the paddock mowing the grass in order to make hay or silage which will be fed to the cows when there is no grass to graze the cows on. Grazing the cows is when the farmer puts the cows in a paddock and just lets them eat the grass. They are usually left in the paddock until the farmer is happy with how much they have eaten. Sometimes the farmer puts temporary fences up so that the cows won’t eat the grass too quickly. For ploughing there is a plough hooked on to the back of the tractor and the farmer drives around the area that needs to be ploughed. A plough is a piece of farming equipment that gets towed by the tractor, it has blades that are designed to turn over the dirt.
Something that helps the tractor do so many jobs is that they have so many sophisticated parts. One essential part of the tractor is the steering wheel. The steering wheel is located in the cab of the tractor in front of the drivers seat. When the farmer is driving, he sits in the driver's seat with his foot on the accelerator and his hands turning the steering wheel to get to where the next job is. Tractors have tires just like cars except tractor tires are much bigger and have much more grip. The grip on the tires is made for driving in muddy paddocks without getting stuck. Another part of the tractor that is very useful in bad weather is the cab. The cab includes the windows and roof that cover where the farmer sits. It keeps in the warm air from the air conditioner and even if it is raining, the farmer will still stay nice and dry.

Another important job that tractors have big influence on, is feeding out. Feeding out is when there is a bale feeder or maybe some forks hooked on to the tractor. A bale feeder is a piece of machinery that is used when feeding bales. Bale feeders usually have forks on the back that will slide under the bale and lift it up on to the machine. Once the bale is all ready, the farmer will drive to the paddock with the stock that needs feeding. The metal rollers on the bale feeder will start spinning and the farmer will drive around the paddock spreading the bale for the animals to eat. Another way farmers feed out is using a silage feeder. To feed the silage to the animals, the farmer would hook the silage wagon on to the back of the tractor and fill it with silage. Silage is grass that has been mown and has been put in a pile and covered with plastic so that it stays moist and fresh for the animals to eat. The farmer will then drive around the paddock and the silage will come out the side of the silage wagon. A silage wagon is a piece of machinery that is like a big trailer that is designed for feeding silage.

Tractors are very useful pieces of machinery. They help farmers do many different jobs that they would take ages to do if they were doing them by hand. Tractors have lots of different parts to help them do very difficult and sophisticated jobs. Tractors make farmers jobs much easier than they would be without them.

By Conor Boult

Ma te Atua e manaaki, God Bless

Lorraine Frances-Rees, Principal

Fr Job Farewell
A reminder that a Pot-Luck lunch will be held this Sunday 3rd July 2016, in St Joseph's Hall Supper Room, after Temuka's mass, to mark Fr Job's farewell after serving our Parish for the last 3-and-a-half years. Please bring a plate of finger food to share.  A card will be available to sign if you wish. As this is a parish event, we would appreciate help fromparishioners from Pleasant Point, Geraldine and Temuka with setting up, helping in the kitchen, and cleaning up on Sunday. Everyone welcome, we look forward to seeing you there.
Kind regards
Justin O'Brien
Chairperson, Parish Council


As part of our Health & Safety requirements, all visitors to the school must sign in at the office.  This includes parents please.  Also if your child is being collected to go to an appointment then you need to sign them out (and back in) at the office.  A book for this purpose is on the desk in the office.

Friday 1 July - Susan Tregenza & Lisa Wright
Friday 8 July - Karina Tarrant & Maria Yellowlees
Please be here at 11.30am, as lunch is at 12.00pm on Friday due to Kiwisport.

As advised on the school Facebook page, this fundraiser has been postponed at this stage, due to difficulties with the liquor licence.

Would anyone like to take over as the Scholatics co-ordinator? This is an easy job and takes around 20 mins once or twice per term. The order can be either completed online or with a paper form and then posted. Orders are delivered to school and Claire unpacks and distributes them. It is a really great way to get new books into our library as school earns a 10% reward value of all the orders. I am happy to help the new volunteer learn the ropes or explain it futher but would really appreciate it if someone could take over as my workload needs a little trim! Cheers Helen Andrews 6148394 

Please have all orders for the current offer to the office before the start of school on Thursday 7 July 2016.  

Please could all payments for the ski/skate trip be made by Friday 8 July 2016.  Our preferred method of payment is for you to direct credit/internet bank into the school account:
03-0887-0349042-00 with the word ski or skate as a reference.  If you are paying by cash, please ensure that you have the correct amount as we do not carry change.

By now all parents should have received confirmation of their appointment times for Student Conferencing.  We apologise if the time you have been given is not the time you requested, however we have done our best to suit all.  Please remember that the buses will not be running in the afternoon for our students.  You will need to collect your children at 12.30pm.

2  & 9 July Jud Baynes = church cleaning 

for years 7-9 (11- 14 year olds) $3 (includes lunch) 10a.m.-3p.m.
To register ring: Wendy Hurst 6147274 or Angela Beach 6147-039
A Pleasant Point Youth Group initiative

Artful Crafts
Come and join Artfull Crafts for paper-crafting fun during the holidays: 
Cardmaking - Friday 15th July, 1:30pm - 3:30pm, $15
Me Photo Album/Scrapbooking - Friday 22nd July, 1:30pm - 3:30pm, $30
Bookings can be made online at 
Phone 688 8566, or email 
Artfull Crafts, 24 George Street, Timaru 

FREE Parenting Programmes – “The Incredible Years” Presented by Family Works Family Works South Canterbury is again running the popular and highly successful  “The Incredible Years” FREE parenting programmes, for parents of children aged 3-8 years.  “The Incredible Years” empowers parents with valuableskills and resources for more positive, rewarding, parenting.The Free 14-week programmes run from August to November (Terms 3 & 4), times vary.  Additional individual support is provided and child minding is available on request (day programmes only).“The Incredible Years” - for parents of children aged 3-8 (Timaru & Temuka)    Act Now – Places on These Popular Courses are Limited!For more information and registration (enrolments must be received by 1 August) 
·       Ph:                 Family Works on 03 688 5029 (Liz - ext 804)
·       Txt:                0274 688 200
·       Email:  
·       Website:

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Newsletter No 10, 16 June 2016

Growing in Christ, challenging mind, body and spirit
Tena Koutou Parents and Friends

Some thoughts to keep us focused on the Year of Mercy - we all carry burdens

Pope Francis says: "I believe this is the time for mercy. We are all sinners, we all carry burdens within us. I felt Jesus wants to open the door of his heart."

Mercy is the force that reawakens us to new life and instils in us the courage to look to the future with hope. Without a witness to Mercy, life becomes fruitless and sterile ... a barren desert.

So many people, including young people, are returning to the Sacrament of Reconciliation; through this experience they are rediscovering a path back to the Lord, living a moment of intense prayer and finding meaning in their lives. Let us place the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the centre once more in such a way that it will enable people to touch the grandeur of God’s mercy with their own hands. MV 17 (Pope Francis).

Congratulations to our cross country runners

These amazing runners represented the rural schools in the South Canterbury Cross Country this week.  We'd like to particularly acknowledge Baxter Mason who has come first two years in a row and Cooper Mason who came 5th last year and has upped his placing to 3rd this year.

Well done Caleb (39th), Baxter (1st), Cooper (3rd), Bryn (37th), Ella (36th)

Caring for God's Creation

Room 2 share their science investigations helping them to learn more about how we can care for creation.

A big thank you to Room 2 who led our assembly on Wednesday.  It was really interesting to hear you telling us all about your experiments and how you are learning to predict and test your predictions.  We look forward to your next experiment - finding out what bird feeders the birds like best in our school garden.


Its great to see more parents coming to our Wednesday assembly at 2.20pm.  Remember every class is sharing every week - so every week you have the opportunity to have some further insight into what's happening in your child's class.  
Classes take it in turn to lead assemblies and start with a short prayer and twice a term we have a big sharing assembly for the learning we have been doing in religious education.  
Week 8 - Room 1 sharing prayers - all classes sharing learning
Week 9 - Religious Education sharing assembly rooms 2 and 3
Week 10 - Room 3 sharing prayers - all classes sharing learning

Board Elections

Our returning officer has put a note about the elections below.  On behalf of the whole school I want to sincerely thank all parents who put themselves forward for the Board.  That shows a deep commitment of service to our school and it takes courage to agree to be nominated.  We appreciate the work that all parents do and we particularly acknowledge and thank the parents who put their hand up for the role of parent board representative.

The school literally would not function without the numerous supporting roles the parents take on, whether elected or not, and we thank you all sincerely for what you do.

Ma te Atua e manaaki, God Bless

Lorraine Frances-Rees, Principal


Congratulations to our three new Board of Trustee Members - Brent Yellowlees, Helen Andrews and J Donaldson.  Thank you to Mike Hende and Lisa Wright for putting themselves forward for selection also.  It was great to be able to hold an election.  Thanks also to all those who took the time to vote.  It is much appreciated - Claire McCarthy; Returning Officer.

Congratulations to the following students who have recently been awarded certificates in assembly:-
Star of the Week
Boston Mason, Caleb Kelly, Isaac Styles.
MacKillop Values
Lauren Bolton, Dawson McCall, Baxter Mason, Cooper Mason.
Princpal's Award

Licensed for reuse,
Winning House

Helpers for this Friday - 17 June 2016 are Jane Hay & Cara McCall.  Please remember to be at school at 11.30am as lunch is now at 12 noon this term due to the Kiwisport timetable for senior students. Helpers for Friday 
24 June 2016 are Liezel van den Bergh & Jenny Priddle.  


St Joseph's Pleasant Point school fundraiser presents "Sons of Remo" Live on Saturday 2 July 2016; 7.30pm at the Victor Wilson Hall Pleasant Point.  Spit Roast Supper Provided.  Alcohol and Non Alcohol Beverages available to purchase.  Strictly no BYO.  Courtesy Coach and EFTPOS available.  Tickets $25 each.  Please pre-purchase your tickets from the school office; or from Four Square Pleasant Point, or Dowells Office Products Timaru. (Over 18 only please).  So grab your friends and family and come along for a great night out!  Look forward to seeing you all there.


Saturday 18 June 2016:  J Donaldson & family - Welcoming/Offertory  
Claire McCarthy & Paula Bradley - Church Cleaning.

Pleasant Point Netball Club are having team photos on Wednesday 22nd of June (during normal practise). Funferns 1&2 please wear your navy PPNC hoodies. All other girls yr 3-8 please bring your playing uniforms (dresses or skirts and tops) to wear for photos.

SCIENCE ALIVE: - Robotics holiday programmes. 
Designed to inspire, excite and challenge - students interested in Robotics, Computer Science and Engineering will love these classes!
Introductory Robotics (Ages 8 - 13 years) - $11 per child
Advanced Robotics (Ages 10 - 13 years) - $11 per child
For more details and for booking tickets, simply hop over

at The Playhouse onMonday 11 to Saturday 16 July 2016
ENROL NOW! Registration form available on the SCDL website.

The University of Otago’s Sleep, Education and Learning in Our Neighbourhood (SEALION) Study is looking at children’s sleep and how it may affect learning during the school day, in the New Zealand School Community.

We are looking for all parents of 6 to 10 year old children to fill out a 20 minute questionnaire online (, and enter into the draw to win one of five $150 supermarket vouchers.  For more info please contact the office.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Newsletter No 9, 2 June 2016

Growing in Christ, challenging mind, body and spirit
Tena Koutou Parents and Friends

Parish Morning Tea

Our year 8 leaders invited parishioners to join us for morning tea after mass on Tuesday 31st May.  It was a really entertaining and educational experience.  Our parishioners told us stories about their history at St Joseph's School and some of the history of the convent which was here.  We are looking forward to our next parish morning tea so we can find out more.

Joey's Buddies

At the moment Cooper is making visits to Hadlee at the kindergarten.  Hadlee will be starting in Room 2 on 23rd June.

Rural Schools Cross Country

We are very proud of the way our children conducted themselves at the Rural Schools Cross Country.

It was a challenging course and we were especially proud of the fact that all of our children completed the course on the day and the way they supported each other.  They showed resilience and determination.

All of the children worked hard during the practices leading up to cross country and Reon, Dawson, Stevie, Ellie and Charls received certificates at assembly to recognise their commitment and improvement during the practice phase.

Twenty-two children were placed in the top 20 for their (combined) year level.

Year 1 & 2: Damon (3rd,) Will (11th), Ambrose (18th), Eve (2nd), Ruby (4th), Marie-Eve (15th), Leah (16th)
Year 3 & 4: Connor (4th), Koby (13th), Boston (14th), Tyla (3rd), Honor (18th)
Year 5 & 6: Baxter (1st), Bryn (10th), Caleb (12th), Nicholas (19th), Annie (11th), Katie (12th), Amy (16th)
Year 7 & 8: Cooper (3rd), Conor (8th), Ella (5th), Cameron M (7th).

Cooper, Baxter, Ella, Bryn and Caleb will be representing the Rural Schools at South Canterbury Cross Country.  We wish them the best of luck.

Ma te Atua e manaaki, God Bless

Lorraine Frances-Rees, Principal

Voting in the Board of Trustees election closes at 12 noon on Friday 3 June 2016 - that is tomorrow.  So please make sure you exercise your right to vote, and have your voting papers in to the office by tomorrow morning.  If you have/are posting your voting papers they must be post-marked no later than 2 June 2016, or the vote will be invalid.  The candidates will be notified of the outcome on Friday afternoon, and results will be in the Timaru Herald on Saturday 4 June 2016 (and on the school Facebook page).  Thanks, Claire McCarthy - Returning Officer.

Sausage Sizzle
Lunch time on Fridays has been moved to the earlier time of 12pm for the rest of this term, due to senior students' Kiwisport being moved to an earlier time.  Therefore could the people who are involved with cooking the sausage sizzle each week please be at school by 11.30am to ensure that the sausages are ready by 12pm.  Thanks.

Sausage Sizzle Roster:
3rd June       Michelle SC, Catherine M
10th June     Jules D, Kris Howes
17th June     Jayne Hay, Cara McCall
24th June     Leizel V, Jenny P
1st July         Susan T, Lisa W
8th July         Volunteers needed

Star Students
Congratulations to the following students who were recognised for their success in assembly recently:
Star of the Week:  Harry Boult, Baxter Mason, Cameron Murphy.
MacKillop Values: Honour Andrews, Caelyn Morrison, Bryn Chisholm, Lily-Ana Donaldson.
Principal's Award: Maia Mahuika.

Student Accounts
Invoices for Term 2 will be sent home by next week.  I apologise for the delay in getting these out.  Please remember that our preferred method of payment is for you to direct credit the money into the school bank account.  Also please note - if you are paying Attendance Dues for the Opihi Parish at the school office we are unable to give you any change.  You will need to wait for change to come from the parish office, so please ensure that you are paying the exact amount if you are paying cash.  However the attendance dues invoices also have a bank account number on them for you to direct credit payment.

Queen's Birthday Holiday
Just in case you have missed it on the calendar - Monday 6 June is Queen's Birthday holiday; which means there is no school that day.  Hope you all enjoy the bonus day with your families.

Basketball Shirts
Please could all basketball shirts be returned to the office (in clean tidy condition) by Friday 10 June 2016.


Write Like An Author
This is an internationally acclaimed writing course that teaches young writers the skills and techniques that professional authors use to create their stories.
During the camp, each participant will develop and write an original creative story under the guidance of well-known author and writing coach Brian Falkner.

The camp will be held at Mountainview High School  starting on Monday 11th July 2016 and running until Thursday, 14th July 2016.
The camp is for enthusiastic young writers to develop their natural writing and story-telling talents. 

The number of places on the camp is strictly limited and is open to students from all local schools, so we recommend that you register early if your child is interested in attending the camp.  The camp is non-residential, and runs from 9am - 3pm each day.
Students will need to bring their own device (a laptop or tablet to write their stories on).
The course fee is $297.00 with early registration.
For more information and to register, please visit

Do you need childcare for under 5's? - Pleasant Point Preschool, Nursery & Kindergarten have spaces available in the nursery and some across the rest of the centre.
Please contact us to discuss options on 6148338 or pop in anytime.